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Water/Sewer Paperless Billing Application

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  3. The following Terms and Conditions apply:
  4. > Electronic delivery of Frederick County's water/sewer bill is optional. You are requesting that your water/sewer bill be delivered to the e-mail address listed above.
  5. > No paper copy of the bill or late notice will be mailed.
  6. > It is the sole responsibility of the customer to maintain a valid e-mail address and to keep it current with the Frederick County Division of Water and Sewer Utilities. Failure to receive/review/act on any e-mail does not relieve the property owner from the obligation of payment of the bill and/or all fees charged related to late payments, service interruption or tax sale proceedings. It is the customer's responsibility to notify the Division of Water and Sewer Utilities of any updates.
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  8. When completed, click on the Submit button below. Once we have received your request, confirming your acceptance, we will update your account and your next bill should arrive by e-mail. If you have any questions, please contact the billing department at 301-600-2354.
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