Roadway Repairs and Maintenance

A pothole occurs when there is a small failure in the road surface, and if left unattended, it will start to degrade the road surface. Pothole patching is a year-round activity performed by Highway Operations.

Some roads that will require large quantities of patching are bid out for local contractors to perform the repairs.

Hot Asphalt Patching

During the summer months, the maintenance crews use Hot-Mix Asphalt to repair potholes and weak areas that will eventually become potholes. The process is as follows:
  • Mark the area to be replaced
  • Saw cut the perimeter so that there is a clean joint
  • Remove the failed material
  • Replace with hot mix asphalt and compact

Cold Weather Patching

Cold Patch is made with a latex modified base asphalt. It is an emergency cold applied asphalt which is used mainly in the winter months when production of hot mix asphalt is not feasible. It is used for pothole patching only; it cannot be used for paving an entire street. Cold Patch is a pliable material that has enough density to remain in the pothole when applied.

For information on the County Pavement Management Program, please click the following link:

Pavement Management Program

Crack Sealing of Roadways

The Crack Sealing Program will help prolong the life of existing paved roads. By sealing cracks on our overlay roads it prevents water from penetrating the surface causing pavement failures. This program has become an extremely important part of our roadway maintenance strategy.

To report any concerns or repairs, please use the County's reporting tool FCG FixItcontact us via Email or by phone at 301-600-1564.