Pavement Management Program

  • Please note, these lists are subject to change without notice. To report any potholes or other paving problems, please fill out a County Work Request Form or contact Highway Operations at 301-600-1564.

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  1. Pavement Management Program

    Robert Stull
    Project Manager
    Ph: 301-600-2181
    Fx: 301-600-3517


    Frederick County Division of Public Works
    Office of Transportation Engineering
    355 Montevue Lane
    Suite 200
    Frederick, MD 21702

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Weekly Update -Week of September 21, 2020

FY19 Overlay Mountville Road, Westvale Court Wedgewood Boulevard

R. Stull F. O. Day
FY20 Overlay
Wil-Mil Terrace (North & South), Tracy Court, Barrington Drive,
Barrington Court, Hillsborough Drive, Cambridge Drive, Canterbury Drive,
Crum Road, Ewing Court
R. Stull F. O. Day
FY19 Patch & Repair
Shoulder Back Up to be completed.
R. Stull L.W. Wolfe
FY20 Patch & Repair
No work this week!

R. Stull F.O. Day
FY18/FY19 Chip Seal Complete! R. Stull American Paving Fabrics
FY20/FY21 Chip Seal   R. Stull L.W. Wolfe