Utility Specifications

The Department of Engineering and Construction Management requires a permit when installing a utility line that crosses a county roadway. At least 15 working days in advance of starting the work, the applicant must apply for a Right-of-Way Permit. The following items must be submitted:
  • A letter of intention explaining the location and what type of work to be complete
  • A plat showing the location of the crossing

Acceptance of Terms of Permit

Permission may be granted after a site inspection and procedures have been developed to maintain all traffic with full regard to hours of working, rush hours, use of steel plates for trench cover and safety precautions. Starting of work within the county's right of way, or any occupancy thereof, including ingress and egress, by the permittee and/or their agents, constitutes full acceptance of all the terms of the permit.

Violation of Permit

Failure to comply with any of the terms of this permit constitutes a violation of the entire permit and could result in the termination thereof and denials of access until such time as the terms are complied with.

Prior to Starting Work

Once the above is satisfied and the permit is granted, the permittee must contact the Department of Engineering and Construction Management at least 24 hours before starting work.

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