Waste Reduction and Recycling Award


Waste reduction is a strategy that tackles the challenge of waste before it even begins—think of it as "pre-cycling". Waste reduction includes strategies such as implementing bulk purchasing programs, favoring reusable over disposable materials, using less packaging, and much more. Beyond pre-cycling, there are later steps that can be taken to divert valuable resources from landfill disposal; practices such as reuse policies, recycling initiatives and composting all create less waste.

Many local organizations are finding that such steps are not only for those interested in "going green" for environmental reasons, but are also smart practices for savvy businesses that want to save green on the bottom line as well!  Frederick County Government commends those that are taking action to waste less of our community's resources.

If your business or community group has reduced the amount of waste it creates, apply to get the recognition you deserve! For more information, please contact our office at 301-600-2960 or send an email to recycle@frederickcountymd.gov.

2018 Winners

Congratulations to Edenton Retirement Community, Frederick Air Inc. and Navistar Direct Marketing, LLC!  Your efforts are good for business and good for our community too!  To find out more about how these organizations recycle more and waste less, please read our award press release.

Past recipients of this award are:

  • AstraZeneca
  • Catoctin Wildlife Preserve and Zoo
  • Circle of Life Cooperative Preschool
  • The Common Market
  • Cowork Frederick
  • Engage, LLC
  • e-End
  • Fitzgerald Auto Mall-Frederick
  • Frederick Veterinary Center
  • The Frederick News Post
  • Goodwill Industries of Monocacy Valley
  • The Green Country Inn and Diner
  • Habitat for Humanity ReStore

  • Hallowood Retreat Center
  • Hometown Harvest
  • Life Technologies
  • MOM's Organic Market
  • Morningstar Foods, LLC
  • Musket Ridge Golf Club
  • Natural Fusion Hair Studio
  • NaturaLawn of America, Inc.
  • Second Chances Garage, Inc.
  • Unique Optique
  • Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
  • Werres Corporation
  • Zavos Architecture+Design