Charter Amendments - Ballot 2020

Charter Amendments on 2020 Election Ballot

Question A Charter Amendment - Council Non-interference
Question B Charter Amendment - Borrowing Limitations
Question C Charter Amendment - Council Member Vacancy
Question D Charter Amendment - County Executive Vacancy

Details Below. The County Council discussed which Charter Amendments to include on the ballot at their June 23 and June 30 meetings, which can be viewed here: June 23 meeting; June 30 meeting.

  1. Question A
  2. Question B
  3. Question C
  4. Question D

Question A - Council Non-interference

This Charter Amendment would amend the Frederick County Charter to require the County Executive to provide any information that is requested by an individual County Council member which is for the purpose of introducing and evaluating legislation or to engage in the review and monitoring of Government programs, activities, and policy implementation.


Currently, the Frederick County Charter currently requires the County Council to act as a body. A majority of council members is required to request information from the County Executive and her staff. Under current practice, the County Executive provides information as requested by individual council members. Council members are able to request information for any reason, not solely for the review or monitoring of legislation of for implementing programs, activities, or policy implementation. 

Supporters believe this ballot question allows individual Council Members to request and gather information without requiring a vote of the majority of the Council, thus allowing greater response to citizen inquiries and legislative information gathering. 

Opponents believe this ballot question may unduly burden the County Executive and executive branch from responding to unnecessary or frivolous requests that were not supported by a majority of the Council.

Introduced By

Council Member Jessica Fitzwater

Charter Review Commission Vote

5-2 approval to include in Final Report (Walter Olson, Stephen Slater opposed). Workshop held on 12/11/19. 

County Council Vote

6-1 (Council Member Steve McKay opposed).
Resolution #20-19

County Executive Position