Compensation Review Commission - 2021

On December 22, 2020, the Frederick County Council approved Resolution 20-25, establishing a Compensation Review Commission and assigning its seven members. Frederick County's Charter requires the Council to convene a Commission every four years with the charge of reviewing the salaries and benefits of the elected officials. The Commission reviewed the salaries of the seven Council Members and that of the County Executive.

The virtual meetings were televised live on Frederick County Government Television (FCG-TV) and streamed live on the County’s website.

The Compensation Review Commission members included: Ysela Bravo, Lisa Bromfield, Jack Dale, Harry Lashley, Connie Palmer, Joshua Pedersen, and Dean Rose (Chairperson).

For additional information, contact the County Council Chief of Staff, Ragen Cherney, at 301-600-1049 or via e-mail at

The Compensation Review Commission's Final Recommendations were discussed by the County Council in June 2021 

Watch the meeting in Frederick County Government FCG TV archives

Compensation Review Commission Final Recommendation

Compensation Review Commission Recommendation DRAFT