About Affordable Housing

What is affordable housing?

To those with moderate to low incomes, affordable housing is usually defined as housing that requires one-third or less of their disposable income. This includes rentals and owned homes. For these folks, there is not enough affordable housing to go around in Frederick County and most parts of the U.S.

The story of affordable housing (how did we get in this mess?


Affordable Housing: Frederick seniors on the front lines

What is the Purpose of the Affordable Housing Council?

The Affordable Housing Council serves as Frederick County’s main forum to discuss affordable housing issues, is the main advocate for affordable, safe and decent housing, supports affordable housing providers and their programs, and advises county and city governments on promising new and existing affordable housing laws and regulations.

Position Statement on Affordable Housing

At the Affordable Housing Council, we believe that:

  • All Frederick County residents deserve to live in safe, decent and affordable housing that does not require more than one-third of their total monthly income to own or rent. 
  • County, state and municipal governments should look for every opportunity to incentivize affordable housing options in land use and development laws and regulations. 
  • All stakeholders – government entities, developers, builders, real estate firms, civic and business groups and consumers of affordable housing – need to recognize that a lack of affordable housing is a real problem and should work together to find real solutions


Frequently Asked Questions

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