White Rock Subdivision Improvements

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Current Status

Update May 1, 2019

I apologize for getting this update out late, but everyone knows how time can slip away.

This update is to advise all residents of the community that the field work for documenting the utilities and actual surveying has commenced.  You are probably aware of the paint marks on the grass and other areas, and the wooden survey stakes with the pink ribbons.

We would appreciate you working around these markings and stakes by trying not to destroy them.   We understand things do happen, and sincerely thank you for your continued cooperation in our efforts for this project.

Again, this work will last for approximately 2 months, and should be completed sometime this June 2019.

Please contact me with specific questions or other concerns. Email is best for a quicker response, but phone calls are also welcome.

I will update this page in two weeks unless there is any major changes, which are not anticipated.

Regards to all,
Tom Cashour, Project Manager
Frederick County DPW
Ph: 301-600-3454