A community that cares for its children is a strong community. 

SoTealme families can face external social and financial barriers as well as difficult situations, such as poverty, domestic violence, and incarceration of a family member. These stressors can negatively affect a child and their brain development, which is referred to as Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). Learn more about brain development and ACEs in the Brain Building section of our website.

The good news is a community’s actions can counterbalance the weight of this adversity, leading to greater resilience and hope for children and their families. The systems and services within a community can be the catalyst to creating foundations of health and well-being for us all, resulting in positive outcomes for families like: 

Support for families

  • Parent education
  • Quality, early childhood education
  • Quality healthcare
  • Parent and caregiver-child wellbeing
  • Accessible transportation
  • Safe housing
  • Equitable access to services
  • Diverse and welcoming communitiesPink

Throughout Frederick County, there are many services and programs available for setting families up for success, and these programs are a result of the combined efforts of local government, public and private agencies, businesses, and individual citizens. 

The IECC exists to empower families and educate the community and does so by providing connections and resources to advocate for positive social change.