Hessong Bridge Road

Hessong Bridge Road - Bridge Replacement

Project Overview

This Capital Improvement Program project is for replacement of Hessong Bridge Road Bridge over Little Hunting Creek near Blacks Mill Road. The project will replace the existing one lane Acrow panel bridge with a two lane structure and improve the roadway approaches to meet collector standards. The new bridge/structure would also meet current design criteria (two 11 foot lanes with 5 foot shoulders).

Current Status

The project is currently in the Design phase. In October 2021, a review of the original preliminary design by the regulatory agencies concluded that a conventional bridge structure was preferred over the twin cell box culvert alternative presented at the public meeting (2018). Based on the characteristics of this site, a conventional bridge is the preferred method to reduce the immediate and long-term impacts that a box culvert structure may have on the stream. 

After the completion of the archaeological study in March 2023, the engineering consultant resumed design work with the new proposed steel beam bridge with composite deck. Final design is anticipated to be complete by Summer 2025.   

Archaeological Studies 

In August 2020, the Maryland Historic Trust (MHT) requested a Phase I archaeological survey of the project area to identify an evaluate any archaeological resources that might be affected by the project. The Phase I survey identified a site with features and artifacts associated with a tract of land called Partnership, patented in 1767.   The site located to the southwest of the intersection contained a school, a chapel, and a cemetery. Based on these findings, the project limit of disturbance (LOD) was revised to minimize impacts to the archaeological site. 

In May 2022, MHT determined that a Phase II archaeological study was warranted within the small portion of the site that remains within the revised project LOD. The Phase II study was completed in March 2023. No archaeological features were identified during the Phase II evaluation, and very few artifacts were recovered. The important elements of the site lie outside the project LOD and will not be impacted during construction. 

Archaeological Studies 

Public Meeting

A public meeting was held on April 5, 2018 at Thurmont Regional Library. Please see below for the Public Meeting Minutes and Update to Question 7, general information handout, and the slideshow presentation from the meeting.

Public Meeting Minutes
Public Meeting Minutes - Update to Question 7
Public Meeting Handout
Slideshow Presentation