Hessong Bridge Road

Hessong Bridge Road - Bridge Replacement

Project Overview

This Capital Improvement Program project is for replacement of Hessong Bridge Road Bridge over Little Hunting Creek near Blacks Mill Road. The project will replace the existing one lane Acrow panel bridge with a two lane structure and improve the roadway approaches to meet collector standards. The new bridge/structure would also meet current design criteria (two 11 foot lanes with 5 foot shoulders).

Current Status

The project has completed its Study phase. During the Study phase, an engineering consultant analyzed the existing conditions and provided four potential alternatives for the replacement structure. Design funding became available in July 2018, and final approvals from state and federal agencies were received in February 2020 to begin design. Preliminary design began on February 24, 2020 and will consist of the following design milestones: Type, Size, and Location (TS&L) plans; Preliminary Investigation plans (30% design); and Foundation Review plans and report (50% design). The County’s design consultant will also perform the following design tasks for this design phase: review of the Hydrologic and Hydraulics report (H&H) and revisions to the H&H report (if needed); develop initial erosion and sediment control plans; coordinate with required environmental and permitting agencies and conduct related field studies/reports; perform field studies including topographic surveys, field data collection, and utility location surveys; perform geotechnical studies including drilling  of soil test borings for roadway and structural foundation design, and ground infiltration tests for stormwater management facilities; and obtain any additional field and project information as needed for the development of the preliminary roadway design, structure/foundation design, and stormwater management facility concept design. The design consultant and its sub-consultants will have field personnel at the project site (beginning late April/early May 2020 through fall 2020). Field personnel will obtain necessary field information as described above for the Preliminary Design plans and reports. Property owners at or near the project site who may be affected by the field studies and surveys are being notified with a survey notice via mail. Survey Notices were mailed out mid-April 2020, see "Survey Notice Letter (April 2020)" below. Any questions regarding this project, please contact Luz Padua-Perez at 301-600-2379. Construction funding is proposed for July 2020.

Survey Notice Letter (April 2020)

Public Meeting

A public meeting was held on April 5, 2018 at Thurmont Regional Library. Please see below for the Public Meeting Minutes and Update to Question 7, general information handout, and the slideshow presentation from the meeting.

Public Meeting Minutes
Public Meeting Minutes - Update to Question 7
Public Meeting Handout
Slideshow Presentation