Gas House Pike

Project Overview

This project will upgrade Gas House Pike from the Frederick City Limit to its intersection with Boyers Mill Road to a modified minor arterial roadway in order to serve future traffic growth from the New Market region. The roadway reconstruction project will include the addition of 2 foot or 5 foot (depending on location) paved shoulders for vehicle recovery, along with horizontal and vertical geometric improvements. Stormwater management improvements will also be made along the length of the corridor. Intersection improvements and the addition of multiple pull-off areas to aid in speed enforcement have also been proposed.

For the current approved and historical Capital Improvement Program (CIP) budget information, which includes the Fiscal Year 2020 budget, please visit the resource on Budget Publications

Current Status

The project is currently in its Design phase. The design consultant submitted the 30% design plans in fall 2017.  Property Owner Workshops were held in November 2017. The project's design is moving forward and the 65% Design stage (Semi-final Roadway and Stormwater Management Plans) has begun. The design consultant has been working on the following tasks: prepare roadway, drainage, and stormwater management plans; perform preliminary structural design for a rock fall fence at the falling rock location of Gas House Pike ("Iron Ridge"); conduct supplemental surveys; perform geotechnical and environmental services; and prepare right of way plats. Since late summer and fall 2018, the design consultant and its subcontractor have  performed supplemental roadway and property surveys, test pitting for utilities and hand augering as well as drilling borings for soil, geotechnical, and environmental samples, see "Survey Notice Letter (August 2018)" below. Field surveys and borings work required additional time than anticipated to complete due to delays with weather and field conditions. This work is now complete as of winter 2019, see "Survey Notice Letter (November 2018)" below. The 65% draft roadway plans are anticipated to be posted online winter 2020 via this web page. If you would still like to meet to discuss the project as it pertains to your property, please contact Jennifer Bohager at 301-600-3505. Construction funding is currently scheduled to become available in July 2020.

Survey Notice Letter (March 2017)
Survey Notice Letter (January 2018)
Survey Notice Letter (August 2018)
Survey Notice Letter (November 2018)

30% Roadway Plans          65% Roadway Plans  Coming Soon 

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