Gas House Pike

Project Overview

This project will upgrade Gas House Pike from the Frederick City Limit to its intersection with Boyers Mill Road to a modified minor arterial roadway in order to serve future traffic growth from the New Market region. The roadway reconstruction project will include the addition of 2 foot or 5 foot (depending on location) paved shoulders for vehicle recovery, along with horizontal and vertical geometric improvements. Stormwater management improvements will also be made along the length of the corridor. Intersection improvements and the addition of multiple pull-off areas to aid in speed enforcement have also been proposed.

For the current approved and historical Capital Improvement Program (CIP) budget information,  please visit the resource on Budget Publications

Current Status

The project is currently in its Design phase. The 65% Design plans (Semi-final Roadway and Stormwater Management Plans) have been completed which includes roadway, drainage, and stormwater management (SWM) plans; preliminary structural design for a rock fall fence at the falling rock location of Gas House Pike ("Iron Ridge"); supplemental surveys; geotechnical and environmental services; and preparation of right of way plats. Supplemental roadway and property surveys, test pitting for utilities and hand augering as well as drilling borings for soil, geotechnical, and environmental samples were performed Late Summer/Fall 2018, see "Survey Notice Letter (August 2018)" below. The 65% Design roadway plans are posted online via this web page. 

The Final Design phase is now in progress with the 95% Design plans currently under development by the County’s design consultant and anticipated for submission for County and agencies’ plans reviews late Fall 2021/early Winter 2022. The 95% Design plans work includes updating and revising the roadway, drainage, SWM, and structural design (for the rock fall fence at “Iron Ridge”) plans and right of way plats, preparing roadway signing and marking and traffic control plans, performing supplemental field and geotechnical surveys, preparing and submitting for environmental permits and approvals, preparing and finalizing land acquisition easement exhibits, preparing and submitting for agencies’ reviews erosion and sediment control plans, and preparing SWM landscaping and stream restoration plans. Supplemental field surveys are scheduled to be performed around mid-to-late October 2021, weather permitting, and are anticipated to take approximately two weeks to complete. Survey Notices were mailed to residents and property owners within the Gas House Pike roadway project limits, see "Survey Notice Letter (October 2021)" below. The land acquisition phase is also currently in progress and property owners impacted by the project are being notified. Appraisals for impacted properties have been in progress. Land acquisition activities for needed rights of way and easements for the project will continue until all required rights of way and easements are obtained (anticipated to be completed prior to project Advertisement).  If you would like to discuss the project as it pertains to your property, please contact Jennifer Bohager at 301-600-3505.  

Following completion of the 95% Design plans reviews, the project design will be finalized to update the 95% Design plans and 100% Design plans will be developed for the Advertisement of the project for the bid phase (to bid and award the project for Construction). Pending final design (100% Design) plans agencies’ reviews, final permitting approvals, utility coordination (i.e. utility adjustments/relocations), and completion of all necessary land acquisitions, the Advertisement of the project is anticipated for Spring/Early Summer 2022 and Construction is anticipated for Fall 2022. Construction funding is currently scheduled to become available in July 2022.

Survey Notice Letter (March 2017)
Survey Notice Letter (January 2018)
Survey Notice Letter (August 2018)
Survey Notice Letter (November 2018)
Survey Notice Letter (October 2021)

 Draft 65% Roadway Plans