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The Frederick County Local Care Team (LCT)

We are a subcommittee of the Frederick County Local Management Board. The LCT strives to ensure that children and their families receive the necessary supports and resources to live in the community successfully. The LCT is an interagency forum for parents and service providers to seek assistance with problem solving for the individual child and family needs and systemic needs. Through discussion, the LCT assists with the identification of potential resources to meet identified needs of the child and parents. 

Referrals to the LCT can be made by a parent or a service provider (a school counselor, therapist, etc.) utilizing the Local Care Team Referral Form. In addition to the Referral Form, and before the LCT can begin any discussions for a child, the Local Care Team Release of Info must be completed and signed prior to the meeting.

For further information on the LCT, process to get connected, and/or assistance completing the forms, please contact the LCT Coordinator at 301.600.1077.