Expedited Permits

Residential Applications

The Department of Permits and Inspections offers an expedited plan review and permitting process for certain types of residential and non-residential applications. The expedited permit process is available to anyone whose project meets the established criteria. Applicants meeting these eligibility requirements can receive a permit within one business day. To determine if your project meets the eligibility requirements, please check out the following information:

Expedited Residential Permit Process - Residential Uses (Decks, Sheds, Basement Finishes, etc.)

Submittal requirements and permit application forms for specific construction types are available at the following link:

Building Permit Applications

Residential Expedited Permit Process Overview

Expedited Permit & Inspection Certificate (EPIC)
Small Commercial & Professional Service Applications

The Expedited Permit and Inspection Certificate, or EPIC, is designed to support small commercial and professional services that move into existing space and to provide permit review and approval within one week. Many businesses move into space that needs only minor construction or renovation. EPIC will save these projects time and money. EPIC offers a five-step process: submission, application, review, permit and inspection.

Expedited Permit and Inspection Certificate (EPIC)
Public Information Briefing

Expedited Permit and Inspection Certificate

Press Release: February 10, 2022

Online Application Portal

Public Information Briefing: - February 10, 2022 (Begin video at 12:15)