Electrical Permits

Electrical permits are required to provide safeguards for person and property from the risk of hazards arising from the use of electricity. Any time that electrical work is to be done, an electrical permit is required. If the work is being performed in connection with a Building Permit, then the Electrical Permit is not approved until after the Building Permit is approved.


Applications for electrical permits are processed online. The applicant for an electrical permit must be a licensed electrical contractor or the property owner. If the applicant is the resident property owner, but is not a licensed electrician, the owner must pass a homeowner electrical examination with a score of at least 70% and sign a homeowner affidavit. The department will review the permit application for compliance with the Frederick County Electrical Code.

  • Approving Agencies: Department of Permits and Inspections
  • Processing Time: Electrical permits are usually issued within a time frame of one to two days from the day the application is made and the fee is paid. Applications are required to be in department before the wiring is started.
  • Duration of Approval: Electrical permits are valid for 1 year.

Electrical Licensing Requirements

HVACR Permitting Policy

Restricted Electrical Exam Information- Exam Date: Thursday, October 19th, 2023


Non-Residential Application

Residential Application

Homeowner Affidavit

Homeowner Exam

Refund Request Form

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