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Permits and Inspections - Certificates of Occupancy

The Certificate of Occupancy certifies that the construction, electrical, and plumbing authorized by the related permits has been completed in accordance with the provisions of the related building, electrical, plumbing, and life safety codes of Frederick County, and is authorized for use and occupancy at the location specified on the permit. The certificate identifies the permitted use of the structure and identifies any special considerations or limitations.

Approval & Applications:

Approval is required prior to use and occupancy. Request all required final inspections for the Building Permit and related permits. The certificate is the end result of the permit process. There is no additional application to submit or additional fees to pay, unless a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy is being requested for a Non-Residential Permit. There is no time limitation for the duration of approval as long as the use does not change.

Properties Not Within a Municipality:

Once all necessary final inspections have been approved, the certificate is automatically issued and mailed to the applicant who applied for the Building Permit. It is mailed to the applicant’s address that is listed on the Building Permit, unless a request is received by the Permit Office to hold the certificate for pick up.

Properties Within a Municipality:

Once all necessary final inspections have been approved, the certificate is granted Frederick County approval and it is then forwarded electronically to the municipality for final approval and issuance. The applicant receives the Certificate of Occupancy from the municipality.


Temporary Certificate of Occupancy Request (Non-Residential Permits Only)

Verification of Certificate of Occupancy Request

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