Occupancy Permits for New Business

Assistance Available for Business Owners

Frederick County welcomes new businesses. We also recognize that it can sometimes be intimidating or frustrating to figure out the requirements for permits and licenses, etc. We recommend that you 1st contact the Office of Economic Development (OED) within our Division of Planning and Permitting. The staff of OED specializes in assisting businesses with such matters as site selection, and they support small, entrepreneur businesses and large, established businesses alike. Visit their site for more information, visit the Discover Frederick County website.

Occupancy Permit Process

Approval is required to operate a business from a particular location prior to occupancy. This is commonly referred to as the Occupancy Permit. Actually, it is a Certificate of Occupancy that is required, which is the end result of the permits and inspections process. A Building Permit/Zoning Certificate application is the first step in obtaining the Certificate of Occupancy. 

Tips for Saving Time

If you would like to save time at time of application in the office, or if you would like to verify that a proposed location will be acceptable for your business, it is suggested that you complete the Key Questions for New Business Applicants Form and either email the Permits and Inspections Office, or fax it to 301-600-2309 in advance of your application for the Occupancy Permit.

This form is not a requirement, but it is helpful in many instances. Upon receipt, the information that you supplied will be given a cursory review by staff. You will then receive the correct application form to complete and any suggestions or instructions specific to your particular situation. Please note that if the proposed business location is within the City of Frederick or the Town of Mt. Airy, you must contact those municipalities directly, as the County Department of Permits and Inspections will not be involved.

Helpful Links

Maryland’s Business License Information

Frederick County Clerk of the Circuit Court (Business License)
100 W. Patrick St.
Frederick, MD 21701
Ph: 301-600-1976

Frederick County Health Department (Food Service Permits) Food Control Services
350 Montevue Lane
Frederick, MD 21702
Ph: 301-600-2542
Fx: 301-600-3180

Frederick County Liquor Board (liquor license)
12 E. Church St.
Frederick, MD 21701
Ph: 301-600-2984
Fx: 301-600-3500

Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation