Transition Implementation Dashboard

Welcome to County Executive Fitzwater’s Transition Implementation Dashboard!

The Transition Team was a community-led and government-informed process that brought together more than 130 Frederick County residents who developed a report to guide the County Executive’s first term in office. The Implementation Dashboard is a part of The County Executive's promise to keep the community informed of the implementation process. The dashboard will be updated at least quarterly.

The County Executive also promised to reconvene the Transition Team around the anniversary of their report. The meeting will occur in the first quarter of 2024.

Below is a key that provides a brief explanation of the status of the recommendations:

StatusExplanation of the Status 
Completed The County has implemented its initiative related to this recommendation.
Ongoing The County has launched an initiative related to the recommendation and recognizes that progress is being made.  
Underway The County has launched an initiative related to this recommendation and recognizes that the initiative can be completed.
Pending The County has not launched a major initiative related to this recommendation. 

To view the implementation board, click here