Office of Recycling Staff & Contacts

Frederick County Division of Waste & Recycling

Office hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. By calling 301-600-2960 you can reach any of the staff listed below, or, send email to the main office.

Recycling Staff:


Recycling Program Manager


The Program Manager oversees recycling staff, budgets, contracts and operations for both drop-off and collection programs for recycling. Rebecca prepares local, state and federal recycling reports, ensuring that the recycling programs comply with Maryland State standards and goals. This position also serves as the department's liaison with recycling program officers from other counties and state offices, as well as supporting the recycling efforts of local communities and municipal leaders.

Cheri Craigo

Recycling Administrative Specialist


Cheri is the front line of our telephone customer service (301-600-2960). She can answer your questions about the County's recycling program as well as provide general assistance with residential curbside recycling inquiries and collection issues. She assists residents who wish to obtain a recycling cart or purchase a compost bin, and is also the point of contact for organizations wishing to borrow the County's event recycling containers.

Tayla Lindenberg

Recycling Administrative Specialist 


Tayla is also the front line of our telephone customer service (301-600-2960) and assistance for the online cart orders. She can answer your questions about the County's recycling program. 

Maria Monteiro E Pereira

Residential Recycling Program Analyst


This position serves as the liaison between Frederick County's contracted recycling service provider, residents and County government.  The residential analyst assists with contract management, contractor oversight, and preparation of state reports. They can answer general recycling questions, provide presentations on recycling, provide customer service and help resolve curbside issues. They can also provide background information and data specific to Frederick County's recycling programs.

Alisa Hayes and Rob Knott

Recycling Collections Inspectors


Alisa and Rob work to ensure that the county's contracted recycling collection service runs smoothly. They perform inspections to assess the effectiveness of local recycling activities. Field inspectors serve as the intermediary between the county, the collection contractor, and county residents. They can provide education to contractor crews and recyclers alike, to support the success of Frederick County's recycling goals.


Kip Kelley


Commercial Recycling Program Analyst

This position assists local organizations in their endeavors to recycle more and waste less.  They can be found around the county conducting waste audits, assisting with staff training and providing public presentations. This staff member can offer resources, tips and strategies to help reduce waste. Contact them to help your organization design a user-friendly recycling program. This position also coordinates reporting of local information to the Maryland Department of the Environment and can help businesses assess their recycling and waste data.


Paul Varga

Recycling Communications Manager


This position serves as the department’s public information officer and develops promotions, events, social media, mailings, and general communication campaigns to encourage residents to recycle right and waste less. This individual leads facility tours for adult groups, can provide on- or off-site educational presentations for local organizations (for ages 11 and up), and offers a wealth of materials for loan to teachers and student organizations.