Recycle Coach App

Collection Reminders

What is it?

Recycle Coach (formerly called MyWaste) is a free program that puts recycling information right at your fingertips, any time of day, anywhere. It can be used right on our website without installing anything, or, it can be downloaded as a handy mobile app for Android or iOS devices.

What does it do?

  • Collection Day Reminders: Recycle Coach can send you customized reminders for your biweekly recycling day - via text, phone call, tweet, email or mobile notification, you choose the format!
  • Schedule Change Reminders: Or, you can select to only be reminded when there are changes to the recycling schedule, such as for holidays.
  • Emergency Alerts: Recycle Coach can send alerts if storms or other issues unexpectedly disrupt your recycling service.
  • It knows what can be recycled. The app boasts a thorough ‘What Goes Where?’ searchable database, with detailed recycle/compost/disposal instructions for thousands of items. Never wonder which bin to toss something in!
  • Alternate Recycling Program Info: It offers concise, complete information on curbside and drop-off center recycling, yard waste, hazardous waste, etc. Lists our facility location, hours, accepted materials, etc. Provides links to maps and phone contacts where needed.
  • Assists With Issues. Includes "Report a Problem" and "Contact Us" functions to instantly send information regarding curbside recycling issues or requests.

Where do I get it?

What if I need help?

  • Technical issues can be reported directly through the app, or,
  • Call 301-600-7405 for further assistance or to provide feedback.