Mulch & Premium Revive Compost for Sale

9031 Reichs Ford Road Yard Waste Recycling Facility

The Division of Solid Waste Management & Recycling's primary yard waste collection and processing site is open Monday through Saturday from 7 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. This award-winning facility turns unwanted landscaping debris into valuable landscape amendments: our premium Revive compost and, seasonally available, double or single-grind mulch. These materials are sold in bulk (loose, not bagged) and will be loaded onto open trailers or trucks by site staff. For those who wish to purchase small quantities, residents may bring their own container and shovel for unassisted hand-loading. All materials are sold by weight, measured, and billed in twenty-pound increments.


Composting Program

Yard trimmings, brush, landscape debris, and other valuable organic matter are kept out of the landfill by Frederick County's advanced composting program.


Staff carefully monitor incoming materials, modern equipment is used to process them, independent laboratories test the finished compost and the end result is a compost product we call Revive, because that's just what it will do for your landscape!

Revive is a high-quality horticultural product that will beautify your landscape and improve the health of your plants. Best of all, it is the end result of a natural recycling process, giving new life to old materials; that means you can "go green" and have a green thumb too!

During production, Revive undergoes quality and content testing, performed by independent laboratories, which ensures there are not unsafe levels of residual herbicides, metals, or other unwanted components present in the finished product. At the time of sale, Revive compost is an aged/biologically inactive product. You can view our product's full laboratory test results.

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Product Availability

Seasonal demand for these products can be high, resulting in temporary product shortages. Please call for inventory updates prior to driving out to purchase: dial 301-600-1848 and select option 8 for the compost and mulch availability line.

All products are sold in bulk, not bagged. Staff will load open vehicles or trailers. Customers desiring small quantities may bring tools and containers to hand-load material.

Large quantity sales are available by advanced arrangements. Please call the Office of Recycling at 301-600-2960 for more information.



 Residential Cost Per Ton
Cost Per Ton
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Premium Double-Ground Mulch*$15.00 

 $15.00 per ton 

Residential Single-Ground Mulch$12.00 per ton 
(Not available at this time)

 $12.00 per ton
(Not available at this time) 

*Please note: That at peak production times our mulch may be freshly processed and not aged. Care should be used when using any freshly-mulched product around young plants as the mulch may compete for nitrogen as it goes through the biological breakdown process.

Covered Loads

Please Remember: Since 1989, Maryland law has required that, "A vehicle with any load may not be driven on any highway unless the load and any covering on the load are fastened securely to prevent the load or covering from becoming loose or detached or from in any way endangering other users of the highway." This include loads of yard debris, mulch, or compost. Please bring a means of securing your load (tarps are available for purchase at our site.)