Recycling at Multi-Family Properties

Frederick County Government

does not offer waste collection (trash or recycling service) to commercial properties - this includes multi-family properties. For detailed background information (what the County definition of multifamily is, how housing types are billed differently for the Solid Waste Benefit Charge on the County tax bill, etc.), please visit:

Any landlord/property manager of a multi-family site (no matter how many units), has the same option as any other commercial entity in the county to arrange recycling service, either by self-hauling or by hiring a private contractor to bring recyclable materials to the County Transfer Station.  At our site, commercial recyclables are processed at a rate of $25 per ton, substantially cheaper than the tipping fee for household trash (which is $69-76 per ton). For additional information, please call our office at 301-600-2960.

Maryland Law

During the 2012 Regular Session, the Maryland General Assembly enacted a new provision requiring owners / managers of apartment buildings or councils of unit owners of condominiums that contain 10 or more units to provide residents with the opportunity for recycling, on or before October 1, 2014.

Frederick County Government does not provide waste collection services (trash or recycling) for commercial entities, including multi-family properties. Commercial property owners / managers / landlords are responsible for managing waste and recycling collection on their site.

Property Owner's Role

Apartment and condominium officials are responsible for:
  • Providing recycling service to the residents of each building no later than October 1, 2014.
  • Securing and managing contracts for providing material collection/recycling service for all building locations.
  • Providing clearly marked collection bins for recyclable materials and containers for transporting the materials off site. (May be provided by the contracted recycling hauler.)

Getting Started

Set Up Service
Property owners / managers will need to arrange a recycling contract with a waste hauler. By doing so, it may be possible to decrease the frequency of trash collection or size of dumpster, since a great deal of typical household waste is recyclable. Use ourbusiness recycling guide to help find a hauler.

Place Collection Containers

Property owners / managers will need to determine what size and/or how many recycling containers are needed and where they will go on site. Remember,it may be possible to downsize waste collection containers once recycling begins.

Educate Tenants

To ensure success, residents will need to know what is recyclable and which containers to place materials in. We offer downloadable flyers, templates for adhesive labels and printable poster files for no charge, as well as our complete guide for business recycling (for all documents, see available resources list below).

Available Resources

For additional information or assistance, please contact the Frederick County Department of Solid Waste Management by calling 301-600-2960 or by sending an email.