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The Electrical Board

The Electrical Board advises the County Executive and aids in the supervision and enforcement of any rule or regulation adopted pursuant to the authority of Chapter 317 of the Laws of Maryland 1976, acts as an appeals board concerning matters arising under the Electrical Code and any licensing provisions, and performs such other related functions as delegated from time to time by the County Executive. Additionally, the Electrical Board plays a role in the administration of the master electrician exam by verifying exam eligibility requirements of applicants and grading exams. Board members serve staggered terms of five years. Current members are:

  • Charles A. Horn-Chairperson (Electrician Representative)
  • Scott Mercer (Electrician Representative)
  • Paul Donaghue (Electrician Representative)
  • Dave Clements (At-Large Representative)
  • Sheldon Davis (At-Large Representative)

Meetings and Hearings

The Board meets as necessary, but at least 4 times a year in relationship to the master electricians’ examination.

Virtual Electrical Board Meeting Agenda- Thursday, October 1, 2020 at 3pm (continuance from September 17th's meeting)

Virtual Electrical Board Meeting Agenda- Thursday, September 17, 2020 at 3pm


Send written requests for Electrical Board consideration to:

Frederick County Electrical Board Secretary

30 N. Market St.

Frederick, MD 21701

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