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The Advisory Plumbing Board

The Advisory Plumbing Board assists the plumbing inspector in the promulgation and enforcement of the plumbing code and recommends changes to the plumbing code, reviews the credentials and licenses issued by the plumbing inspector to all persons licensed by the state board of commissioners of practical plumbing as state master or journeymen plumbers or County licensed master or journeyman plumbers, and to sits as a board of arbitration with respect to any disputes that may arise involving an interpretation of the plumbing code or of the rules and regulations promulgated in the Frederick County Code. Board members serve staggered four-year terms. Current board members are:

  • Jeremy Peterson, Chairperson (State / County Licensed Plumber Representative)
  • Vacant (State / County Licensed Plumber Representative)
  • Christopher Allen (General Public Representative)
  • Vacant (General Public Representative)
  • Dave Gatrell (Representative designated by the Frederick County Health Dept)

Meetings and Hearings

The Board meets at such times as may be necessary, but at least once during any 6 month period.

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